• CKD Patient Education

    Kidney Smart® classes can help your patients make better-informed decisions about their kidney health.

  • CKD Patient Education

    Kidney Smart® classes can help your patients make better-informed decisions about their kidney health.


Your patients can receive award-winning CKD education in multiple languages with Kidney Smart. Kidney Smart is designed to help patients better manage their kidney disease and lead healthier lives. More than 200,000 patients and caregivers have attended Kidney Smart in person or online, helping patients experience improved clinical outcomes:1


fewer CVC starts2



more likely to start on home modality3

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fewer missed treatments4

"All of our patients deserve to make a decision based on knowledge. Kidney Smart makes that possible and I encourage all nephrologists to consider it for their patients."

– Jeff Giullian, Chief Medical Officer, DaVita Kidney Care

What Patients Can Expect

Certified Kidney Smart instructors provide patients with kidney health-related content, including:

  • Causes of kidney disease
  • CKD basics and lifestyle choices
  • Kidney diet resources
  • Treatment and modality options
  • The transplant process
  • Working and insurance options
Recommend a Patient

Recommend Your Patients Today

Finding a recommendation process that fits in your current workflow is important to ensure patients receive education that can help them make informed health choices. There are three ways for you to recommend your patients for Kidney Smart education:

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Online and Mobile

Log in or create an account on the Kidney Smart recommendation website to submit the patient recommendation form.

Your EHR

Contact the Kidney Smart team to explore the potential for setting up a recommendation feature within your EHR. Email info@kidneysmart.org for more information.

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Download the kidney smart e-fax form, fill in the required information and submit the form by fax.

Stories from Kidney Smart Participants

Kidney Smart participants explain how the CKD education program helped them better understand kidney disease and how to manage kidney health for themselves and their loved ones.

Recommend a Patient

Interested in Recommending your Patients to a Kidney Smart Home Edition Class?

Kidney Smart ® Home Edition is a patient education offering designed to help patients and caregivers understand home modalities. Led by an expert instructor, the PD- or HHD-focused curriculum features dynamic videos, patient testimonials and a hands-on portion to ensure the patient leaves knowing if either treatment is right for them. Click here to learn more.

Contact Us

Please fill out the following information to have someone from the Kidney Smart team contact you to discuss the patient education program or implementing a recommendation process in your practice.

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1. Compared with DaVita patients who have not received Kidney Smart® education. | 2. Kidney Smart® Clinical Outcomes, May 2016–2018. | 3. Compared to a similar population of DaVita patients controlled for age, race, gender and date of dialysis start. Home modality used on day 1 Kidney Smart® Clinical Outcomes, May 2016–2018. While Kidney Smart® is not a growth program, Kidney Smart®-educated DaVita patients have been shown to choose PD at a higher rate than non-Kidney Smart® educated DaVita patients. | 4. Kidney Smart® Clinical Outcomes, May 2016–2018. Missed treatment rate calculated over DaVita patients’ first 90 days on dialysis.