Take control of your health on the go with online lab results, medications and more.

Lab Results Lab Results

Track your progress by accessing and sharing your lab values, nutrition reports and more.

Health Records Health Records

Keep contact information and important health reports safe and organized.

Care Team

Find out how your kidney care team works to keep you as healthy as possible.

Insurance Insurance

View your insurance information in one place for easier conversations with a DaVita insurance specialist.

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Home Dialysis

Experience the convenience and freedom that dialyzing at home could provide. Learn about home dialysis by speaking with a DaVita representative. 

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What people are saying about the DaVita Health Portal

"The DaVita Health Portal allows me to access my lab results and my health records. It's right there, online without a big paper trail. It's so much easier... So now I can just pull it up on my phone, scroll through and show the doctors [my results]."

-Adrienne, DaVita dialysis patient


The DaVita Health Portal provides health care services to DaVita dialysis patients only. The Information you provide and receive on the DaVita Health Portal is medical information and is protected under our Notice of Privacy Practices.