• How to Become a Kidney Donor

  • How to Become a Kidney Donor

Giving life by becoming a kidney donor can be very rewarding. You are providing a person the chance to live without the help of dialysis. If you are thinking about changing a person’s life by becoming a donor, it’s important to gather all the facts about a kidney donation.

A living donor's transplant journey
A living donor's transplant journey

Finding a Kidney Donor

When John needed a kidney, he and his wife Myrna came up with creative ways to find people who were willing to get tested to see if they were a match. Hear how they reached out to their community, from social media to hosting brunch events.

FAQs for Potential Living Donors

These frequently asked questions and answers may help you address potential concerns about donating a kidney to someone in need.

Deciding to Become a Living Kidney Donor

You've made the serious decision to donate your kidney. But before moving forward, take a look at what it can be like for a living kidney donor to go through the physical and emotional aspects of the donation process.

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5 Things Kidney Donors Should Know about Insurance

Donating your kidney is a gift and it’s important to understand everything about the process, including your insurance coverage. Here is a quick look at what you should know as it relates to insurance.

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During and After
Kidney Surgery

When you get the green light from your doctor to donate one of your kidneys to someone in need, it is helpful to understand what happens during surgery and what recovery will be like. Here is a quick look at what to expect.

Become a Registered Donor

If you're not ready to be a living donor but want to register to donate your organs after you pass away, get information on that process.

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Get the Transplant Smart Booklet

Transplant Smart is a multimedia kidney transplant education program for DaVita patients to help them understand more about this important treatment option. Even if you’re not a patient, you can access in-depth information about kidney transplants from the free Transplant Smart guide today.

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DaVita Transplant Smart Booklet

Understand even more about a kidney recipient's journey, from finding a match to coping with feelings after surgery.