• Integrated Kidney Care

  • Integrated Kidney Care

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For 20 years, DaVita Integrated Kidney Care (DaVita IKC) has provided patients and their care partners support from a team of integrated care nurse practitioners, nurses, coordinators, physicians, and more. This team's goal is to help you focus on your overall health and live life to the fullest.

If you are currently participating in a DaVita IKC program and have questions, please call 1-833-IKC-DAVITA.

If you are wondering if you are eligible for DaVita IKC services, please inquire with your insurance provider or talk to your dialysis center.

How DaVita IKC Can Help You

DaVita IKC teams focus on your overall health so you can spend more time living your life and less time trying to coordinate your health care needs.

Integrated Kidney Care 101

DaVita IKC cares for more than 27,000 patients each month. Here are five ways we can help make kidney disease easier for patients:

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Time and attention

Time and attention

How many of your doctor appointments have felt too short? Your integrated care team will spend time listening to your concerns to help you get the care you need.


Personal care

Personal care

We will review your medications and work with your doctors to make adjustments as necessary. We will monitor your labs and recommend changes to diet and care when appropriate.


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Big picture

Your personal, integrated care team will coordinate with all of your doctors. By seeing the whole picture of your health, we can help identify potential issues that otherwise might have gone undetected.

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Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling

We can help make important physician and other medical appointments. We can also help you navigate the complex health care system, which may save you time and give you more peace of mind.




Your integrated care team will give you and your care partner personalized education. They can answer your questions and provide information about important topics to you and your health.

What to Expect from DaVita IKC

When you are a part of the DaVita IKC program, your integrated care team is here to help you lead a healthier life with fewer hospitalizations so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. Here is what you can expect*:

Find Out about Insurance Resources

A personalized care plan, including help with common conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, diet and nutrition and/or organizing and tracking immunizations and medications.

Meet Your Kidney Health Care Team

To be treated like a person, not a number. Your integrated care team will have regular check-ins with you to really get to know you and understand your concerns.

Take a Kidney Disease Education Class

To become knowledgeable about your kidney disease treatment options—from home dialysis to transplant—with the help of your care team so you find the treatment that best fits your lifestyle.

Meet Your Kidney Health Care Team

Access to your integrated kidney care team without waiting for specific office hours. Your team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"To me, good health means that I am able to continue to take care of myself and have time for my dogs. I can see that [IKC] cares about me."
- Steve, DaVita IKC patient

Have Questions?

If you are currently participating in a DaVita IKC program and have questions, please call 1-833-IKC-DAVITA.

Are You Eligible?

If you are wondering if you are eligible for DaVita IKC services, please inquire with your insurance provider or talk to your dialysis center.

Integrated Kidney Care Videos

"Throughout my time with DaVita IKC, I have been given so much support when it comes to knowing about my insurance coverage options and having my questions answered, as well as making appointments with my doctors."

- Maria, DaVita IKC patient


Q: How do I become eligible to participate in the DaVita IKC program?

A. If you have kidney disease and are a member of a participating health plan or accountable care organization (ACO), you may be eligible. To find out if you are, please contact your insurance provider.

Q: How does the DaVita IKC program work?

A. Once your insurance provider has enrolled you in a DaVita IKC program, a member of our integrated care team will reach out to you over the phone or in person to discuss your health. They will work with your providers and you to coordinate your care.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to participate in an IKC program?

A. No, health plans that make IKC programs available do so at no extra cost to you.

Q: Will I still be able to see the same doctor?

A. Yes, your integrated care team will work with you and your current providers.

Q: Does my doctor know that I’m participating in the program?

A. Yes, your integrated care team informs your doctors you are in the program and will coordinate care with your doctors.

Q: What does the care team do that my doctors can't do?

A. Your integrated care team works with all of your providers to help address your health concerns and identify issues that may not have been discovered. Your integrated care team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you have questions or concerns.

Q: Will the program affect my eligibility to receive a kidney transplant?

A. No. If you are currently on the transplant waitlist, we encourage you to complete the evaluations and testing necessary to remain active on the transplant list. In fact, your integrated care team can help answer questions and provide tips to keep you on track to be transplant eligible.

Q: When should I call my DaVita IKC nurse?

A. Call your nurse when you have questions about your health, medicines, foods, treatment choices, or care plans and/or you want to know more about diabetes, high blood pressure, the kidneys and general medical care. Your nurse is also a good resource for questions about navigating your IKC benefits. Also, call your nurse if you’re in a situation where you don’t feel well and need help (non-emergency), can’t get to dialysis, or are going to the hospital. Finally, you can ask your nurse for help scheduling vaccinations and routine checkups. Call 1-833-IKC-DAVITA any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Q: What do I do in an emergency?

A. If you are experiencing urgent medical conditions and it is an emergency, dial 9-1-1 and get help at the nearest hospital. After you get treatment, you can reach your integrated care team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling toll-free at 1-833-IKC-DAVITA.

Q: How can I contact my integrated care team or get information about the program?

A. Call DaVita IKC at 1-833-IKC-DAVITA and ask to leave a message for the integrated care team. You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

*Some DaVita IKC patients experience better health and fewer hospitalizations.